"My WalkAide helps me not to fall.
I'm going to do Ballet
", says Zoey.


Mom said, "It improves our whole family's lives; it effects us all.  It provides peace of mind for me."




Miracle in a Box
"This is my miracle in a box," Tina said. "It gave me my life. And I'm just excited to see how far I can truly go. My possibilities are truly endless."

Building A Productive Life While Living with MS
The WalkAide continues to provide vital help, both physiological and psychological and Horan has detected a slight improvement in his ability to consciously dorsiflex his left foot, a residual effect of the WalkAide that some wearers experience even after removing the device. He is hoping that maybe there will be more.

Surviving A Stroke Is Only The Beginning
"You don't realize how much it takes away from your life, and because of this little thing, it's given me my life back," Debi says happily. "Daily chores no longer seems impossible."

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